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This is an unoffical impossibles page.






Push-pinned my picture to your wall, framed it in pieces of argyle. there's a thread for every minute I missed my chance to begin it. I could feel the pressure building up as I cram it to the top, a coffee can filled with letters. my ears begin to pop as the tension drops. we've fallen down, someday you won't be around for me to fall back on. it's so akward to say goodbye to you, the tensest moment when I fail to follow through, I'm all wound up and then you tighten the screws, my want turns to need as you slip on the noose. As I push my pen across the page casting my spell like a first level mage, my epic battle between love and rage/ a melodramatic mess not fit for my age we've fallen down, all my innocence has drowned since you've gone she says I'm changing everyday, she wants to know how, why, and who with. she says there's still good left in me like I'm the dark lord of the sith. I write this every single winter, and now I'm writing it again: I shed my common sense in exchange for newer skin. the good news is that I've finally learned to appreciate my friends, the bad news is that I havent got any left, the good news is that I dream about it almost every night, the bad news is that when I wake up you're not there.



When I feel in love with you I knew you'd learn to love me too, even if you couldn't stand all the stupid stuff I do. Believe in me, I love you, too over-stated to be untrue, as you hold me up next to the light and watch me as I start to come unglued. I can't see how you'd say I held on too long, for you see there's no way, I'm not that trong.( I'm not) So now I come on sugar sweet, but my best attempts prove weak, whether I'm holding tight onto your hand or sucking on your feet you have no need you come complete, no one ever could compete. As I dive face-first into the odds I know that there's no chance I'll ever beat.



Maybe it's just my randomly firing synapses, but I think about nothing but you as time passes. I'm no home run hitter, but I'll still step up to bat, and now you know that's why I'm back, back for the attack. now bear witness, I return defenseless, to set the pavement made with my intentions here. holding it together, thought out every letter of every word in every sentence so carefully. I thought out every word, every sentence so carefully. it's not enough, it's too late. problems surfaced and they capsized our relationship, I now propose this expedition to salvage it, the weather may start getting rough, our tiny ship may be tossed, but I'll not be stopped by acts of god, I'll get you back at any cost. it's not getting what you want, it's wanting what you got, and I havent got much left, so I dig my fingers deep into the few things that I keep and I find myself constantly fighting, screaming, biting, trying to get you back.



Like a ton of bricks it hits before she finishes her sentence as the predicate predicts a swift ending to my presence I could see it coming from a mile away at six hundred miles an hour a suprise attack, tora-tora kamikaze, no looking back. a tactic of considerable power it doesn't matter now what I should have done then  my heart was in the right place at the wrong time again in close to half a second my composure was lost, and I had found my modesty. "everything not in the dumpster was otherwise tossed", her voice lacking sincerity it's you plus me divided by inadequecy times my denial minus three words we threw around and around and a why cant you in tang douplahnu?! a phonecall is made at midnight that wont let her fall asleep, her ringer's turned off but she can hear the answering machine if you want to get away you'll have to go through me or walk over my dead body and you just may, the ship is sinking I'm the captain, there's no escape, if you want to get away you're gonna have to go through me.



I bought him at thrift town for sixty-five cents. if I had a kingdom he would be my prince. his cuteness is too much for my tolerance, frances I love you.
He's got a thick neck and his fur is brown, I dont need a blanket when he's around, I once was lost but with him I'm found, frances I love you.
put me in prison and put me in his cubicle, if he was on my fingertip he'd be the cutical, if he is the nucleus, I'm the particle, frances t. bear how'd you get so radical?
Oh why'd you take frances away oh-ee-ay-oh
Oh why couldn't you let him stay oh-ee-ay-oh
Oh why'd you take frances away oh-ee-ay-oh
Oh frances, I love you.
yeah me and frances got a special kind of love, it fits just right, it feels like a glove, I hope when I die that I see him up above, frances you're the one I'm dreaming of.
I bought him at thrift town for sixty-five cents, he's cuter than the artist formerly known as prince, and he'd never make a joke at my expense, frances I love you.
I gave him to a girl who was really sweet, and now you know she's sweet on me, and when I'm over he's between the sheets, frances I love you
so now the time came for me and frances to part... come on frances, you knew it would be like this from the very start: I just can't bear to give you my heart. Frances I miss you.