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This is an unoffical impossibles page.





Held our breath for a long time Never thought these days would come to end (to end) and then we just let them go Force-fed and sleepless Never thought we'd learn to love the road, the ride, the time it took away but here's our return, one more chance at sharing the rest of our days Tested our limits pushed so hard that we broke in two and you are broken to this day double crossed and lied to I still lack parts that've clung to you, and through it all I've ignored that pain but here's our return, one more crack at sharing the rest of our Days pass slowly Weeks spent lonely Years waiting for your return



Some summer sunday drifting between sleep and waking your absence brought me to Sick feelings filled me slowly remembering the bitterness of the final kiss, motionless We never said goodbye when we gave in, but we dont mind If we never say goodbye, there'll be no end, there'll be no end Stream of conciousness leads me to drowning dreams looking up, you're colored baby-blue the frustration of knowing what it's like to breathe you in, remember then, remeber when hold on, hold on, we can be strong dig our fingers deep into each other



From the subject to the predicate you let me know you're leaving for connecticut first flight tommorow. I've been seperated from you, lost track of time we've lost it's true, dearly departed from you, now to be split in two. What more can I say? I dont have the words to make you stay, my sentences falter, break, and fade. From the ticket desk to the baggage check you felt so cold, last kisses for proper etiquette before you let me go. What can I say what could I do when it's all been left to you, how can I take what you put me through when it's all been up to you...



time to turn outside in fall breaks down to begin again shivering hands can not hold longing can not keep us from the cold we teach ourselves to live without the things we once thought we'd never give up taking turns, deconstruct recreate, redesign, recorrupt and you take half my heart, forever yours to tear apart Angel, has gone for good, for good



We've come to feel so cold I cant stand waiting here in your hand I fold to keep from breaking down-turned and wearing thin I put myself in your shoes have left you blistered, broken, bleeding and bruised and tonight I would give my life just to die at your side tonight I would give you my life just to keep recieving that lost feeling



I will be your perfect one, if you will just let me be

I do, will you

I dont want to take up your time if you wont take up mine



Oh angelina we've got so much to learn about each other if you'd take the time to feel so inclined to tell me and no other I would keep your fears a secret give my strengths up fo your weakness and you will finish what I start I'll give my faith if you'll have my heart Oh, Angelina you took me apart As the sinking feeling sinks in slow and heavy and caving my chest in Please angelina promise days alone won't make you question We have spent our nights Always eyeing stars and sattelites I was staring at the same sky as you missing you instead of kissing you.


did you forget all about me? has the same never happened to you? pushed the knife into my back so hard that it went right through and we keep pushing hard, pressing our backs to the wall said I'd never come back here like cutting my cheek on a broken tooth "stand up, fall down, get crushed" singing the songs we sang in our youth and I keep moving on, and you keep moving on we put the past behind us and forget the things it taught us until we become those same people that once betrayed our trust. once you start decieving, you stop believing